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Heat Pumps

Efficient Heating & Cooling

Heat Pump Installations In Minnesota

Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning sells and installs Lennox heat pumps, which can prove to be a highly efficient heating and cooling option. Heat pumps operate like central air conditioners but can also supply heating when the weather is cooler. During warmer weather conditions, heat pumps collect excess heat from your home and move it to the outdoors. When cooler weather arrives, heat pumps will transfer heat from the outside air to the inside of your home, circulating it throughout the home to add warmth. In very cold climates like Minnesota, a heat pump will be partnered with a gas furnace.

During cool outside temperatures, the heat pump will do the heating and use the furnace as a blower to circulate the warmer air throughout the home. The heat pump will turn off during extremely cold temperatures and the gas furnace will turn on to provide all the heating and air flow. This “duel fuel” system keeps your home’s comfort at requested levels, while using lower energy consumption than traditional heating and air conditioning products.