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The Minneapolis AC Repair Specialists

Serving The Twin Cities Area since 1974

Minneapolis AC Repair Specialists

During the hot Twin Cities summers, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your family cool, comfortable and sane. Without it, your home can quickly become a prison of stifling temperatures and stale air. Lack of air conditioning makes normal activities too hot to partake in and just thinking about simple tasks like cooking creates a sweat.

If your air conditioning stops working, trust your air conditioning repairs to our expert technicians at Marsh. All our friendly and experienced technicians have passed a rigorous certification process, ensuring that they can help you with your AC repairs on any cooling system, no matter the make or model. Our family has been in the business of keeping Twin Cities families cool through more than 45 hot Minnesota summers. When your air conditioner breaks down, let us help you bring comfortable, cool air back to your family home or business.

After Hours Emergency AC Repair


Unfortunately, no one can predict if or when your air conditioner will break down. It could happen at
any time–day or night. Trying to sleep without air conditioning in hot and humid temperatures could
prove to be difficult. Thankfully, Marsh Heating maintains an after-hours contact number

 and can provide expert repairs if your air conditioner breaks during non-business hours. We understand the urgency of an air conditioner failure during an evening or weekend, and we will work hard to get your air conditioning up and running as soon as possible.

Our Maintenance Program Can Save You Money

Want to avoid emergency AC repair services? With regular maintenance, you may not ever need to call us for an emergency air conditioning repair. Join the Marsh Maintenance Program and use our discounted AC services to keep your air conditioning system running in top shape throughout the hot summer months. Our experienced technicians will inspect your air conditioner during the year, performing routine maintenance while inspecting your cooling system for possible problems. We’ll change your system’s filters, wipe down its condenser coils, clean out dirt and debris, and lubricate your air conditioner’s motor. Our routine AC services will help you to prevent distressing breakdowns at the peak of the hot summer. Being covered by our maintenance program will also give you a discount on any repairs or new products that you might need.

If you need any air conditioning repair or service, please call the cooling experts at Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning. We’d be proud to have you become one of the thousands of satisfied Twin Cities customers we’ve served.

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Maintenance Program